Enter To Enjoy GLO Unlimited Browsing For 35months

New Glo trick is out,just follow the below steps and start flexing unlimitedly.


1. Recharge your glo line with N200 or N100.

2. Quickly dial*170*4#, if you get success message of

Globounce migration ,then d Unlimited banga will work you.

3. Now subscribe for Glo smallie Data bundle by dialing*127*51# (cost N100)

4. Goto configuration set yor Apn to gloflat and save.

5. Browse for 20mins. And Then turn off your data conection .

6. Ask anybody or a friend that subscribed to Glo data to share you

data, cos when data is shared your subscription will be paused for


7. To check your subscription paused status dial *127*0#

8. Now ask your friend to Remove you from his data share.

Thats all.


To share data just dial *127*1*recipient Number#

**.To unshare/remove from data beneficiary list dial *127*2*Recipient Number#

***original Post by 9jaxclusivehub*☆* 



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